A history of innovation

The STAR® Network began over 30 years ago in 1984 and has grown into one of the nation’s largest PIN-secured debit networks. The first STAR ATM transactions were processed in 1985, followed by the first STAR PIN POS transaction in 1987.

Over the next fifteen years, the STAR Network expanded its footprint by combining more than 10 regional debit networks across the country, including HONOR®, ALERT, MOST®, and MAC®. In 2003, the STAR Network was acquired by the First Data Corporation.

Today, backed by the power of First Data, the STAR Network continues to provide unparalleled product and service innovations to our financial institution members, as well as to processors and billers. The network currently offers cardholders access to secure, convenient electronic transactions at millions of ATM and POS locations.

Market-leading innovations

The STAR Network has a history of many first-to-market products and services that mitigate risk and offer greater cardholder convenience:

  • Pioneered legislation to truncate account numbers on ATM/debit receipts
  • First network to produce and distribute ATM Safety inserts
  • Processed first envelope-less deposits at the ATM
  • First online, positive-file check verification
  • Processed the first Internet digital signature-authorized payment transaction in the U.S.
  • Processed the first real-time, direct electronic check debit in the industry
  • First to process imaged-check transactions at the ATM
  • First network to introduce account-to-account transfers via the STAR Expedited Transfer service
  • First EFT network to introduce prepaid reload capability at the POS and ATMs
  • Developed the STAR Online Partner program, first to enable consumers to securely link their financial institution’s debit card to a PayPal account for online purchases
  • First independent debit network to support Apple Pay®
  • First independent debit network to announce common EMV® debit agreement solution

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