Meet the STAR® Network’s
Executive Committee.

  • Kim Gardner

    Strategy, Analytics and Pricing

    STAR is continually monitoring network and industry data to maintain a deep understanding of the trends that affect our members and their customers. Our strategy has to be one that improves and grows debit acceptance, and enables all parties to maximize the overall profitability of their debit programs.”

    Kim Gardner is Vice President for Strategy, Analytics and Pricing. In this role, Gardner is responsible for developing strategy for and managing STAR Network pricing, as well as overseeing business intelligence, and the statistical analysis of network trends.

    Gardner is a 25-year payments industry veteran with diverse experience. She was introduced to the HONOR EFT Network while performing facilities management work as an account manager for A.O. Smith. She subsequently held roles with HONOR and Florida Infomanagement Services, a third-party data processor, that included EFT sales, product management, customer service, and technical support. She returned to HONOR, which later merged with and became known as the STAR Network, in 1990. Since joining STAR, she has overseen customer service, settlement, and sales before assuming her current responsibilities.

    Gardner has both bachelor's and master’s degrees in business administration. She has attended Stetson University, University of Central Florida, and the Crummer Management Program at Rollins College.

  • Jonathan Sodaro

    Processor Relations and Technical Services

    The STAR business is built on the strength and reliability of our technology. We work closely with our partners to strive to maintain that technology as state-of-the-art, so STAR cardholders never have to question whether they will be able to access their money however and whenever they choose. This is just one of the core values that allow STAR to provide a consistent, superior customer service experience for our membership.”

    Jonathan Sodaro is Vice President of Processor Relations and Technical Services. He directs the day-to-day customer service needs of STAR’s processor members, a role that includes maintenance, technical support, project management, and ongoing support during network mandates and product enhancements.

    Sodaro began his EFT network career in 1988 when he joined the MOST Network, which ultimately became part of First Data through a series of mergers. Sodaro has managed multiple network consolidations, as well as held positions in customer service, technical support, implementations, voice and data communications, mergers and acquisitions, and product development.

    Sodaro has also been responsible for direct sales, remote sales support/ customer service management, and voice and data communications management for Western Union. He has a bachelor’s in psychology from Heidelberg College and a master of business administration in labor relations from Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • Christine Strock

    Member Communications, Network Rules, and Advisory Groups

    Our ongoing commitment to member service is fundamental to the STAR Network. By building formal ways to actively listen to our members into our process, we’ve been able to lay a foundation for our decision making that is focused on member input and feedback.”

    Christine Strock is Vice President of Member Communications Strategy. Her responsibilities include ongoing strategic planning, marketing leadership, and membership relations for STAR’s Advisory Groupsas well as management of STAR Operating Rules.

    Prior to this position, Strock led the First Data Debit Services strategic sales support area and the card services area, which encompasses product development and program management for signature-based debit card processing, stored value/prepaid, gateway, electronic benefits transfer, and Internet banking services. She has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, account management, and product development. She is a veteran of electronic banking network consolidation, having served in key positions at the CashStream, MOST, HONOR, and STAR EFT networks.

    Before joining STAR in 1993, Strock held marketing positions with The United Way and Westinghouse. As national sales manager for Mellon Bank, she was responsible for network processing sales and support to member financial institutions throughout the U.S.

    Strock has a bachelor’s degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Public Affairs of Boston University.