What can the STAR® Network do for you?

The STAR® Network helps you get cash, pay bills, and make purchases with ease, convenience, speed, and security.


The STAR Network gives you access to your money at more than 2 million retail and ATM locations across the country.


With the STAR Network’s nationwide retail and ATM coverage, you can make withdrawals and transfers at over 57,000 conveniently located, surcharge-free ATMs. You can also make deposits at participating locations.

Swipe your STAR-branded card and enter your PIN to make purchases at the places where you shop most, including grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, department stores, and convenience stores, not to mention fast food restaurants. You can even get cash back with your STAR card purchases.


Save time and pay your bills online at a select biller’s Web site or over the phone with STAR Biller-Direct Payments. You can even set up convenient recurring monthly payments.

With more payment locations, in more places, you can manage your money, whenever and wherever you choose with the STAR ATM and debit Network.


Paying for your purchases using STAR’s PIN-secured ATM/debit card can help reduce the risk of potential fraud or unauthorized access to your account.