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Protect your customers and your brand with the STAR® Predictive Fraud Score (SPFS) solution. SPFS offers real-time fraud risk scoring powered by artificial intelligence and in-house, machine-learning models.

Enterprise Scale

Enterprise scale

The SPFS fraud scoring platform looks at millions of profiles and combinations, and keeps tracks of every card, watching for anomalies to measure at a "segment-of-one" level of precision.

Virtually Unparalleled Precision

Virtually unparalleled precision

SPFS delivers risk scores and reason codes within milliseconds for over 25 million transactions per day based on network and non-network transactions, including ATM, PIN, PINless, and signature debit cards.

Excellent Performance

Excellent performance

SPFS is one of the most effective network fraud prevention platforms on the market, offering:

  • Higher approval rating
  • Reduced risk and fraud
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cost of fraud management
  • Human-readable reason codes for each transaction scored
  • Integration with other First Data fraud products
Exceptional Capabilities

Exceptional capabilities

SPFS offers speed of learning, data sources, and collection of data that many other fraud prevention platforms lack.

  • Big data scale - traditional and non-traditional data enables increased accuracy and precision while reducing false alarms
  • Real-time decisioning - new patterns are instantly learned, and the system becomes progressively smarter over time while adapting to the unique patterns of your portfolio
  • Whitebox decisions - in opposition to blackbox decisioning, where the decisions are not known by the end-user, whitebox decisioning enables humans to clearly understand the computer logic
  • Model updates - control of advanced machine-learning models are released approximately every 2-3 months
  • Omnichannel - SPFS is capable of ingesting data from any channel, device-type, or data source to keep up with changing business needs

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