You need a debit card network where infrastructure, technology, and breadth of products evolve with you to help your institution thrive. STAR Access is our ongoing investment to innovate and expand our STAR® Network infrastructure to better support our members.

Greater value for STAR Network members

Greater value for STAR Network Members

STAR Access is our multi-phased initiative to expand support for STAR PINless and STAR Network “signature” debit transactions via all channels, all devices and all cardholder verification methods.

  • Highly stable and reliable alternative route to process all debit transactions
  • Greater acceptance at merchant locations
  • Streamlined and transparent pricing structure
  • No change to the cardholder’s purchase experience
  • STAR fraud prevention and risk management solutions with a state-of-the art fraud scoring system that utilizes advanced machine learning technology and provides a risk score for all transactions
  • Flexible fraud prevention solutions and risk management tools include fraud reporting and dispute processing
Fraud prevention and detection

Fraud prevention and detection

Enhancements in fraud prevention, detection, and remediation are critical components for STAR Members and our introduction of new fraud and risk products demonstrates our leadership in advanced fraud mitigation.

Fraud Scoring Benefits:

  • High fraud account detection rate
  • Low false positive rates

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