What is the STAR® Network?

The STAR Network is one of the nation’s largest debit networks, providing online, real-time transaction processing as well as products and services for retailers, financial institutions, processors and independent sales organizations. From specialty stores and supermarkets to gas stations and quick service restaurants, the STAR Network connects more than 115 million STAR Cardholders with their money at more than 470,000 ATMs and millions of merchant locations nationwide.

Retailers Choose the STAR Advantage

  • More than 115 million STAR cardholders
  • Virtually guaranteed funds
  • Potential for increasing average ticket sizes
  • Faster throughput at checkout
  • Ability to increase customer loyalty
  • Reduced potential for consumer fraud
  • Reduced check-related expenses and losses

Consumers Are the Driving Force Behind PIN-Secured Debit

  • More convenient than cash and checks
  • A secure payment option
  • Faster and easier checkout
  • Reduced potential for fraud
  • Cash back option

New STAR PINless POS Program

  • Enables consumers to skip the PIN pad on purchases $50 or less
  • Offers a quick and simple, swipe-and-go customer experience
  • Ensures flexibility for merchant mobile POS card readers and for consumer mobile wallets