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Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your ATM Program

First Data Thought Leadership

The ATM landscape is changing today for virtually every bank and credit union. What was once a single value proposition—providing cash to consumers—has evolved into much more. Financial institutions increasingly have the opportunity to introduce innovative functionality and revenue-generating services via the ATM channel. In order to do this successfully, however, they need to evaluate their current ATM programs and decide if outsourcing improves their ability to differentiate their business and create new opportunities. First Data’s new eBook explores the five most compelling reasons for outsourcing some or all of your ATM functions to a third-party managed services provider.

Serving Unbanked and Underbanked Consumers

First Data Thought Leadership

According to a recent FDIC study, 8 percent of U.S. households are “unbanked”—meaning they do not have any accounts with financial institutions. Another 20 percent have an account, but are considered “underbanked.” Recent research conducted by First Data reveals that most un- and underbanked consumers are employed and working very hard to be financially responsible. These consumers feel that banks cannot help them manage their money effectively or achieve their financial goals. Financial institutions have an excellent opportunity with this consumer segment to gain new customers and to set their institutions apart from the crowd with customer-friendly, innovative services.

Take Your ATM Program to the Next Level

Mary Knich

This paper explores recent research conducted by CEB TowerGroup and First Data that reveals the choices institutions are making about their ATM programs, and suggests ways to capture greater efficiencies—all while ensuring that your ATM portfolio maintains the latest in technological advancements and meets all regulatory requirements.

Perspective: Chip and PIN Standard a Critical Step Toward Lower Fraud, Better Consumer Experience

Kevin Barry

Recently, the Secure Remote Payments Council (SRPc) announced the formation of a PIN debit working group. This group will lead the important work of defining a common standard for chip and PIN acceptance among the PIN debit networks. At the STAR Network, we are thrilled to participate in this effort, which we see as a critical step forward for the payments industry.

First Data's STAR CertiFlash Transaction Solution Delivers More Than Fraud Protection

First Data Thought Leadership

When Chris Olsen, Chief Operating and Enterprise Risk Officer for Fremont Bank, needed a solution to reduce debit card fraud and ensure more secure transactions he turned to First Data. Through the First Data STAR® CertiFlash™ Transaction Solution, which utilizes chip-embedded secured debit cards, Fremont Bank is reducing debit card fraud, providing additional debit card transaction security and staying on the cutting edge of technology to better deliver for its customers.