Redefining the Case for Effective ATM Management

Andrew Morse

Despite the emergence of internet banking and, increasingly, mobile banking, the global installed base of ATMs is expected to grow by 41 percent between 2007 and 2013*. For banks looking to get the most from their ATM networks, outsourcing can be a major advantage. Andrew Morse, Vice President of Self Service Solutions for First Data in EMEA, discusses.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: A Review of Fraud Costs and Trends

Krista Tedder

Fraud, in the form of cyber crime, security breaches, identity theft and others, is more dangerous to your organization than you think, and treating it simply as a risk of doing business may embolden criminals and cost you customers. A well-designed fraud management program can help protect your customers and improve profitability.

Trusted Service Management: The Key to Accelerating Mobile Commerce

Chris Cox

As major players struggle to define their roles in the emerging mobile commerce ecosystem, how they enable one critical service will make all the difference between slow and rapid acceptance of mobile commerce by consumers.

Selecting a Secure and Compliant Prepaid Reloadable Card Program

Tom McGimpsey

The current changes in consumer spending habits have led to an increase in the popularity of branded prepaid “general purpose” reloadable (GPR) cards. Unlike conventional prepaid cards, prepaid GPR cards allow customers to reload the cards with additional funds and even set up direct deposits to the cards, which make them especially appealing to unbanked and underbanked consumers. Distributors of GPR cards should review program compliance as an integral part of the overall value proposition.

ATM Outsourcing: Turning Costs into Profits

First Data Thought Leadership

New hardware and software are revitalizing ATMs, but the cost can be high. Now there’s a way for financial institutions of all sizes to upgrade to the latest ATM technologies, and improve their bottom lines too.

Bill Payment Trends: Major Shifts in Consumer Behavior Require Comprehensive Planning

Kathi Plymouth, VP, Product Strategy & Jody Martin, VP, Financial Services Marketing

Paying by check, over the phone, directly from a bank account and over the Internet make it incredibly easy for consumers to take care of their monthly bills. At the same time, this convenience increases the complexity and cost for businesses to process these different types of payments. And it’s only going to get more complicated as several major payment trends emerge—including prepaid, mobile and kiosk payments.